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Karen’s Botanicals

Tiny Karen’s Botanicals is one of the few skin care companies around that doesn’t want to get bigger. Karen Palcho created the line as an outgrowth of her love of creating herbal concoctions — she quickly realized that the need for the ‘gentlest, safest’ products possible was great, and her customer base has grown these past seven years.

Gentle Cleansing Lotion is one of the company’s best-sellers, as it is completely soap free, using a base of witch hazel, vegetable glycerin and coconut oil.

While Karen’s Botanicals has had offers to feature their products in drug stores, the company decided it did not want to change its formulas to include the preservatives that would be necessary for widespread distribution and mass marketing.

Thus Gentle Cleansing Lotion has soothing balm of Gilead buds, burdock, and sage, but no preservatives, and can be used for makeup removal.


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