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My Mama’s Love

What if, instead of fighting wrinkles, you want to fight instead the type of acne that can plague adults as well as teens?

Leslie McCann, who founded skincare company My Mama’s Love, says that the first step is to forget the myth that oil on troubled skin exacerbates acne.

McCann believes that petroleum-based mineral oils are bad for skin, but that oils derived from plants are beneficial to the skin and have healing effects.

The Anti-Acne kit from My Mama’s Love includes an olive-oil soap with organic licorice, myrrh, and chlorella; the salves has most of the same ingredients in a glycerin base; and a soothing spray has distilled vinegar and organic herbs.

Paraben and preservative-free, the Anti-Acne kits is also considered soothing for eczema and psoriasis.


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