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Like dainty pots of finger paints for the post-kindergarten set, RMS Beauty’s cosmetics line is a palatable, pigment-rich palette for the color-obsessed. Packaged in tiny glass jars, the creamy formulations melt into your complexion like butter on a midday sidewalk, adding hydration, coverage, and definition with a few strategic sweeps of your finger.

Cold-pressed certified-organic coconut, jojoba, and argan oils co-mingle with unrefined Shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, botanicals, and chemical-free natural minerals to moisturize, enrich, and tone your epidermis, while adding flushes of color to your eyes, cheeks, and lips. The result? A lush, near-flawless countenance that masks imperfections and reveals healthy skin without veering into three-ring-circus territory. Starting at $30, these products won’t go easy on your purse strings, but they’re also ultraconcentrated, so a little does go a really long way. Tap the satiny, incandescent Living Luminizer around your eyes to perk tired peepers instantly, or get subtle coverage with the “Un” Cover Up concealer, which camouflages dark undereye circles but deftly sidesteps any reverse-panda gloppiness.

The pièce de résistance in RMS Beauty’s arsenal is its collection of rouge/blush stains. Available in six dreamy tints, the Lip2Cheek (in “Promise”) polished off my winter pallor without caking or streaking.

**My only grouse: The containers don’t identify their contents, so unless you remember to replace the paper sleeves, you’ll have to go through the glass tubs one by one to ferret out which product they hold. Otherwise, playing with different looks by dipping, dabbing, and layering has never been easier, or more fun. You might even call it child’s play.

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