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Dr. Jessica Wu Skin Care Line

Hollywood dermatologist Jessica Wu may have just been born gorgeous, but she is a physician who cares deeply about beauty and generously shares the secrets to good skin both with her book, Feed Your Face, which provides nutritional advice for achieving a younger-looking complexion, and with a cosmeceutical line. Dr. Jessica Wu is a luxurious collection of creams and sun products that combine ancient Chinese botanicals with modern Western potions. It’s yin and yang in action on the face, and the results are pure Zen. Don’t be fooled by the fluffy texture of her Dew Cream; this is serious stuff, with powerful pore-minimizing capabilities. The White Peony Eye Contour Cream packs a great deal of moisture to the delicate eye area, but absorbs readily, making it a great base for makeup. The Refining Cleanser contains glycolic acid, to create improved texture and lovely suds along the way.


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