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5 Ways to Avoid Breakouts

So true!!!


1. Don’t Touch Your Face
When you touch your face, the dirt and oil from your fingers come in contact to your skin, which can cause breakouts.  Don’t touch your face.  No, just don’t.

2. Wash Your Pillowcases Regularly
When you lay down to sleep, the oils from your hair make their way onto your pillow, leading to clogged pores.  Regular washing of pillowcases helps lessen the exposure of oil on your face.  Another alternative would be to learn how to sleep on your back.

3. Don’t Get Too Stressed
It is widely known that acne can be also caused by stress.  Stress induces the production of adrenal glands, which leads to the overproduction of oils on the skin.  Having a positive mind and even have short breaks in the day can make all the difference.

4. Wash Your Face Twice a Day
Following the 3 Step Acne Treatment does…

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