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Put good in and give it back

Another amazing organic product 🙂


I’m no hippy but I’ve been on a bit of mission to be a more conscious consumer. While being “green” has become a marketing ploy as much as any other, I don’t think that should justify careless and thoughtless consumption. For me, the hardest part is being consistent and thinking of sustainable ways to use more natural products or to buy things that haven’t come at the cost of a chinese child’s bleeding fingertips. So, yes…shopping at Mr. Price should be a no-no, but I still do it because it’s cheap. CURSE! For now, here is my small beginning to an ambitious but good way of life. Here’s a skincare product that I’ve found which is natural and actually works.

This is a lil’ Starter kit by Esse. Check their site out. Their stuff is great. Organic products with a social conscience. Esse seeks to benefit the communities involved…

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