Vegan Protein Sources!

1. Quinoa: 11g Protein / Cup

2. Lentils: 17.9g  Protein / Cup
3. Tempeh: 24g Protein / 4 Ounces
4. Seitan: 24g Protein / 4 Ounces
5. Beans (Black, Kidney, Mung, Pinto): 12-15g Protein / Cup
6. Spirulina: 6g Protein / 10 grams
7. Hemp Seeds: 16g Protein / 3 Tbsp

DIY Lengthen Lashes!


What you need

Wash an old mascara or nail polish container and fill with:

1/4 of the container with Castor Oil

1/2 Vitamin E Oil

1/4 Aloe Vera Gel

Mix the concoction together as well as you can with your mascara wand, and apply a light layer to lashes (or brows!) every night before bed.

Castor oil thickens your lashes while aloe vera gel lengthens. Vitamin E accelerates length. After one month, you’ll notice stronger, longer, more beautiful eyelashes.