Certified organic! And two ingredients that work together! All products are light, no greasy and fast absorbing!



Aloe Vera Juice thumbnail

Aloe Vera Juice


Contains active ingredients such as amino acids and polysaccharides that help cool, hydrate and soften your skin.


Australian Blue Clay thumbnail

Australian Blue Clay


Has detoxifying qualities to help draw out impurities for clearer, cleaner skin.


Avocado Oil thumbnail

Avocado Oil


Packed with antioxidants and essential fatty acids that help soothe, soften and protect your skin


Borage Seed Oil thumbnail

Borage Seed Oil

Rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids that help lock moisture into your skin while protecting against the signs of premature aging.


Calendula extract thumbnail

Calendula extract


Has antiseptic properties and contains vitamin A to help soothe and restore your skin.


Coffee Bean Extract thumbnail

Coffee Bean Extract


Contains ground beans that help buff away dead skin cells to reveal fresher, smoother skin.


Gotu Kola Extract thumbnail

Gotu Kola Extract

Contains Asiatic acid (possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties) to help strengthen and rejuvenate your skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines.


Green Tea Extract thumbnail

Green Tea Extract


A rich source of antioxidants to help soothe and protect your skin.


Lime Essential Oil thumbnail

Lime Essential Oil


Revitalises and uplifts, helping tone the skin and reduce fluid retention.


Macadamia Nut Oil thumbnail

Macadamia Nut Oil


Contains palmitoleic acid which helps to nourish and promote softer, younger-looking skin.


Marula Oil thumbnail

Marula Oil


High in antioxidants to help condition, protect and calm your skin.


Pomegranate Oil thumbnail

Pomegranate Oil


Rich in Punicic acid (an omega 5 essential fatty acid), a powerful antioxidant that helps restore and protect your skin as it tones and nourishes.


Siberian ginseng extract thumbnail

Siberian ginseng extract


Contains complex polysaccharides (a form of natural carbohydrate) that help tighten, smooth and lift your skin.


Watermelon Seed Oil thumbnail

Watermelon Seed Oil


Helps dissolve excess sebum and remove old cells without stripping away your skin’s natural oils.

Pure Inventions


All of the product lines (Green Tea Extracts, Antioxidant Fruit Extracts, Pure Antioxidant Cocoa) in the Pure Inventions collection are delicious tasting, all natural, fully standardized, and have no calories, no caffeine, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives or alcohol and are gluten- free. The delivery system (60 servings in a 2 ounce glass bottle) is eco-friendly and convenient. Just add to your favorite water for high antioxidant hydration.