Give the Gift of Gorgeous!


Shopping for gifts is always difficult, as you never really know if someone is going to actually like your gift. But who wouldn’t be happy with the gift of exquisite skin? The Tatcha Ritual Kiri Gift Box packs all of the skin-care essentials into a precious, wooden, Japanese keepsake box, custom-made by an artisan shop in Tokyo. Complete with one-step cleansing oil, rice-enzyme powder, deep-brightening serum, moisture-rich silk cream, and beauty papers, this is all one needs to accomplish a perfect complexion.  It will make a wonderful gift for even the most fastidious skin fanatic, or a treat just for yourself! A gift that truly keeps on giving, the Ritual Kiri Gift Box is available now, for oily, normal, and dry skin, on Tatcha’s Web site.


Deliciously tart-smelling, the frothy concoction has the consistency of clotted cream. Hydration-wise, well, talk about intense; the 97 percent organic lotion rallies the moisturizing talents of sweet almond oil and beeswax with lemon, orange, tea tree, bergamot, and litsea essential oils for an instant olfactory pick-me-up. After massaging a dollop into my heels and soles of my feet, the effect was almost immediate: Goodbye rough, chapped dogs, hello smooth, supple tootsies. The Rose & Geranium Moisturizer and the Marigold & Sweet Basil Shea Butter Hand Cream, both 99 percent organic, were equally scrumptious. (I had to stop typing several times just to sniff my hands.) But a word of warning, fair reader, these products are powerful emollients and not for the oily or easily clogged of pores, because they’ll grease you up faster than a mechanic from Hackensack, even if all three leave behind no sticky residue upon drying—just soft, compliant skin.

Made in small, artisanal batches in the United States—and free of synthetic preservatives and fragrances—HollyBeth’s Natural Body Products uses all-natural ingredients that are as inoffensive as you can get, although the jury is still out on sodium borate, otherwise known as borax, which is considered a potential irritant.

Plus, beauty-loving do-gooders (or do-gooding beauty lovers) can take heart: A percentage of proceeds goes to UNICEF every year.